About Me

Everywhere students are asking for a more personalized connection to the curriculum and more meaningful activities. In teacher talk this is motivation and retention. Try out our free scraPPage tm tutorial to see how creative visuals will answer your questions about how to effectively engage children to take them from motivation-to-retention.

Heidi Willard, known as Teacher-Scrapper, is a pioneer in the field of academic scrapbooking for students. Using academic scrapbooking as the instructional approach for Motivation-to-Retention, Heidi has created an integrative approach that merges the best practices of teaching with that of visual literacy in the classroom to build personal experiences for all children. Children use photos of themselves interacting with the standards or core curriculum and blend multimedia on their creative response to their teacher’s lesson. It is a process for which teachers provide the opportunity and students then inclusively use in the classroom based on our Motivation-to-Retention lesson plans. Be sure to see our Instructional Model for more information!